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100% Natural Bio Fungicides and Bio Stimulators

Building on over 20 years of technical expertise from the Netherlands, Organics Matter® has developed two product lines of safe and high-quality organic fertilizer products and organic fungicide products based on 100% natural nutrient-rich ingredients and a unique and patented production process. Our first product line is the Future Organic Series. Visit here for more information. Our second product line is the T-22 Trichoderma Series. These bio-fungicide products are based on a unique type of the Trichoderma Harzianum fungus and offer a safe and healthy alternative to using harmful chemical pesticides. The T-22 Trichoderma Series are composed of two natural fungicide products as listed below:

  • T-22 Trichoderma Series – Bio Fungicide (45% organic matter, >50,000,000 spores/gram T-22 Trichoderma Harzianum). This product is a natural organic fungicide for the prevention and curing of plant diseases. It also potently contributes to the reduction of post-harvest diseases. For more info, see Organics Matter® Bio Fungicide Brochure​.

  • T-22 Trichoderma Series - Bio Stimulator (1-1-1 NPK, 25% organic matter, >250,000 spores/gram T-22 Trichoderma Harzianum). This product is a growth stimulant for young plants with desease preventing and curing properties. For more info, see our Organics Matter® Bio Stimulator Brochure.

Click here for more information on our Future Organic Series high-quality organic fertilizer products. ​


T-22 Trichoderma Series: What We Do
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